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Learning Space!

Where we channel efficacy into reskilling and upskilling. Learning Space enables individuals and organizations to keep up with the fast-paced digital economy. Moreover, we assist entities to scale up and compete effectively.

At the core of Learning Space, we have an innate drive to preach skills that are making the future. For that, our experts prepare brilliant candidates with job-ready skills.

How do we do that? Well, we bring innovation, top-notch experts, and technology into play. That in turn leads to a dynamic learning experience, both online and on-premises. This experience is powered by professional and certified instructors.

We end up preparing job-ready professionals and game-changers, all set to take over. Learning Space also bridges the gap between prepared candidates and employers seeking next-level talent.

In this way, Learning Space contributes to building informed and capable organizations with an innovatively skilled workforce.


What makes us Unique!

Why Choose Learning Space as your partner?

Career growth with top skills

We help our community thrive with a specialized, team that gets candidates job ready skills.

Dynamic, innovative learning

We leverage the latest technological tools to provide our students with an engaging, blended online and offline learning experience.

Unparalleled Local and International Instructors

Connect with the globe’s top Instructors to learn from and pursue success with an exclusive group of creative professionals from the industry.

Connecting Talent with Employers

We connect our best candidates with our growing network of hiring partners.

Not Just Technical skills

We help our candidates with soft skills that are needed to succeed in the future job roles and help them prepare for interviews and revamp their resumes.

Hiring Partners

It is time for your company to have a talented value-addition!

Our brilliant candidates are here with job-ready skills.

How to recruit the right talent?

Connect with Learning Space.
Tell us what is in your mind.
Specify your requirements.
Let Learning Space get back to you.

Learning Space will come up with professionally trained talent, accordingly. Each candidate is trained by qualified instructors with apt expertise. As a valued partner, you will get job-ready candidates, all set to change the game for you.

Top & Informed Companies choose Learning Space. Here’s why:

  • Focuses on effective reskilling and upskilling.
  • Learning Space pacifies the recruitment process, making it efficient for the company.
  • It assures the hiring partners, a smooth risk-free experience.
  • Deploys a rigorous screening process.
  • Prepares candidates with organizational skills to boost team performance.
  • Learning Space candidates are instilled with mandatory soft skills.
  • Candidates are informed to add value to organizational culture.
  • Candidates trained in full-time and part-time immersive courses.


Learning Space is an Ed-tech company offering a dynamic learning experience for reskilling and upskilling, to create candidates with job-ready skills. It provides training and courses, both online and on-premises. Learning Space provides the right talent to organizations as well.

Course duration can vary. Generally, it is 5-6 days for part-time courses and 10-15 days for full-time courses.

Yes! Learning Space provides professional and share-able certifications upon the successful completion of courses.

We make sure our hiring partners and candidates join hands, as soon as possible. Generally, it takes around 2-3 days.